The World’s Largest Treasure Hunt

 June 2019 – press release

Memorandum for the Directors:

Despite our efforts peace talks between the Cheng and Easton dynasties have failed. The factions are  preparing for battle and actively recruiting and training crew. You must choose a side. Download the app, choose a faction, start your training mission and get ready to be at your best for:

The World’s Largest Treasure Hunt :- The hunt is a series of quests starting in Queensland Australia in 2019. See your local club for their quest details or browse the “Featured Quest” list on the app for participating quests. Scheduled release date August 2019.

Madame Cheng; leader of Scarlet’s Revenge – red faction. A ruthless crew of cut throat pirates.

Peter Easton; leader of Azure Industries – blue faction.  A cunning crew ready to out-wit their opponents.

Are You Ready for The World’s Largest Treasure Hunt?

It is free to play and with real world treasure it’s an event not to be missed. Download the app to start training now! The pirate with the most treasure wins.

Are you a Club or group looking for Fundraising Opportunities?
Create your quest to raise funds, engage with the local community and have a lot of fun. Great club prizes and it’s free to enter. To register your club’s interest Click Here.

 Here’s how it works!

Starting in Queensland clubs and groups across Australia create their own Treasure hunt / Quest at a location of their choice using the Treasure map mobile phone app. This is as simple as pacing out the quest tapping the map at waypoints, describe the quest and submit. You can add custom challenges, treasure and a video to promote the event. Treasure map will add challenges, hide treasure, create, manage and promote the quest, track scores and provide incentives to clubs and players. Players find your quest on the app in featured quests, play as individuals or teams and compete in a series of challenges to win treasure. It’s a lot of fun and great for young and old.

Download the app now to start your training.

Clubs click here to register your club’s interest.

The pirate with the most treasure wins.

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