Treasure Map Australia
Sydney Australia    

15 June 2019

Memorandum for the Directors:

Despite our efforts the Treasure map project with the Cheng and Easton dynasties has been leaked and is soon to hit the media. There is no time to lose, take all necessary steps to get the map into the hands of the Australia people. Release “TREASURE MAP” before it is too late and God speed my friends.

Australian Press Media release dated 1 June 2019 :- Treasure Map Australia is reported to hold historical archives on hidden treasure and the secret conspiracy behind it.

Nearly two years ago Treasure Map Australia was approached at their Sydney studio by two individuals claiming to be descendants of the late Peter Easton and Madame Cheng, leaders of the two greatest pirate factions ever to have terrorize the seas.

At this meeting they produced archived records and artifacts, disclosing details of a hidden treasure of such significance it has the potential to disrupt the entire global financial system. Treasure Map Australia is currently under investigation for withholding information that threatens the global financial system.

A spokesman for Treasure Map Australia claims “ This map and information belongs to the people of Australia. These archives show how our so called democracy was undermined over 3 centuries ago and hold the key to unlocking the grip over our financial system that these shadow forces still have. This information has the power to change the course of history, we must get it into the hands of the people for which it was intended.”

We must use technology to recruit a new generation, train them in our ways and prepare them for what’s ahead. Give them the tools and resources they will need to take up our quarrel against a powerful and secretive foe. Use this technology to find treasure, secure territory and build a crew. The sovereignty of our people depends upon it.

Treasure Map Australia releases a digital treasure map to find real world treasure.

Download it now on:


Arr so its adventure you crave me hearty one, well adventure we do, especially for you.

This is a story of a ruthless crew said to sink a Royal fleet or two. But fear ye not these men and codgers who flew under the Jolly Rodgers. For 300 years their secret remained untold, waiting for a new generation both clever and bold.

You are this new generation, with your technology and automation. This fortune is there for you to see on the land and across the sea. Let this treasure map be your guide, though you will need great courage and stride. 

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