A quest is a series of waypoints (locations) linked together to create a treasure hunt / quest. All quests start at a landmark. Browse the treasure map until you see a marker on the map, tap on it to open the landmark page. On the quest tab of this page you will see a list of quests. Each quest listed will display the name, treasure on offer, distance, number of waypoints, how many times the quest has been played and a star rating.

Tap on a quest to open. You will see a gallery of images or video of the quest (if available), swipe across to see the quest summary, comments, feedback and leader board (if available). On the summary page you will see a description, treasure on offer and details. You will also note a power card icon. Drag power cards here to enhance the game play. If you don’t have any power cards tap on the shopping cart to buy some with your coins, if you have some and want more of the same simply tap on the card to add.

To play a quest tap the “Start Quest” button at the bottom of the summary page. Note it will only be active if you are close enough, to activate you need to move closer to the landmark. Use the distance indicator or go back to the treasure map to locate the landmark starting point.

Once you are close enough return to the quest page, be sure to add your power card for enhanced game play then tap the “Start Quest” button on the bottom of the page. Tap OK in the banner and then the game play icon in the navigation bar or first have a look around with the spyglass. You may first need to calibrate the compass by doing a figure 8 with your phone. Once you are ready tap the game play button (in the navigation bar) for your first challenge. Get through this challenge to get directions to the next waypoint. Use your spyglass for additional keys and gold along the way.

A quest can have one or more waypoints (locations), each with its own challenge that you must complete to get the directions to the next. Find all the waypoints, complete all the challenges and win the treasure.

Single waypoint challenges have only one waypoint so as soon as you start you will be at your final destination. Be sure to use your spyglass to find additional keys and gold then locate the X marker and tap you will be taken to the secret cavern where the chests are buried. If you have found more than one key you can find more than one chest. Open them all with the your keys to win the treasure. You will first however have to complete one of the puzzle challenges.

A single waypoint quest can be a few minutes and a multiple waypoint quest could be a few hours or more depending on the creator.

Waypoints are different than landmarks in that they are specific to the quest i.e. you cannot view a waypoint outside the quest where it was added. Each waypoint must be a minimum of 50 meters away from the last. If you intend to do a circular quest please keep this in mind.

The spyglass is used to find additional keys and gold around a waypoint and along the trail. Be sure to use it often, additional keys will open up additional treasure chests and are valuable. The spyglass is located on the main navigation bar.

Challenges are located at each waypoint. There are a number of challenges available as well as custom challenges that may be added by the creator. Default challenges include mini games, you must complete these to proceed, if you fail you must repeat so follow the tips at the beginning of the game. Custom challenges are often location specific multiple choice questions or anagrams. Creators can have physical challenges, these usually relate to a timed quest so that they can be manned by support staff. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking for a pirate in a crowd to get a code word or have to wink at a sailor for a pass..

Creating a great quest can be a lot of fun. It can also be rewarding as you earn gold for each player who plays your quest. A popular quest at a popular location can set you up for a comfortable pirate’s life. When you create a quest you own it as opposed to a landmark that you have to battle for. To create a quest find or add a landmark at a key location. Choose the location well, make sure it is a safe and suitable place to start a quest, a landmark well away from roads, on publicly accessed land and a place of significance. The better the landmark the more likelihood of a successful quest. Remember you don’t need to control a landmark to add a quest. Once the landmark is selected, go to the landmark page and tap the “Add Quest” button at the bottom of the page.

The first waypoint is the landmark so is already added, click the plus (+) sign to add another. When you are adding a waypoint you have the choice to add a default challenge at the waypoint or a custom challenge. A custom challenge is either a multiple choice question, try and make it location specific and not too hard and the second choice is an anagram. This can be a location specific word the player needs to guess or find or a code word you intend to pass to the player after they complete a physical challenge. Keep in mind if you intend to set physical challenges it is best to have the waypoint manned with staff so it may need to be a timed quest i.e. have a start and finish time. If you intend to have the quest only manned at certain times don’t make the code word too hard or the player may not be able to win the challenge.

Once you have set your default or custom challenge, it is time to set the marker location. It is usually easiest to walk to the next waypoint to set the marker using your location marker as a guide. Remember you are dealing with satellites here and these will vary from time to time so be sure to double check your waypoint location and get it right. You can open and close (tap X top right to close) the waypoint screen and start again.

Continue this until all your waypoints are set. Remember waypoints need to be a minimum of 50 meters away from each other ideally 200 meters plus is best so keep this in mind if you want to do a circular quest (finish the same place as you start). Once you have added the final waypoint you can tap “Next Step” at the bottom of the screen. Enter a title, description add images and a video if available and submit. You can always add / edit these later by clicking edit on the top right of the page.

Take your time and walk through your quest a couple of times prior to creating it. Plan it out, create your questions, anagrams, challenges prior, again some of these can be edited after the quest has been created.

Featured quests are quests that have a special status. They are highlighted in the landmark list and they appear in the featured quest list that appears on the screen if you are close to a featured quest. To get your quest featured currently you need to be registered on Treasure map as a club or group looking to enter the “World’s largest treasure hunt” promotion. Contact us if you would like your quest to be featured.

Tips to a great quest can set a pirate up for life, so take your time, do a great video and promote it on social media and get actively involved. There are many innovative ways to make your quest unique i.e. do great historical tours of your city, nature walks with relevant information about native plants and sites, a foodies tour, kids fun or birthdays in the park, hens nights, fund raisers, pub crawls (find a pirate and wink to get the next code word), work with shop keepers to pass players a code word if they do a dance, or get, find code words on a memorial, do a physical challenge. Mix it up with default and custom challenges, be innovative and please send us your feedback and ideas. The app is constantly being updated with new challenges and we would love to hear your ideas.

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