Landmarks are locations of interest all around you. These are displayed on the treasure map where available. If there is a key landmark around you and not on the map, add it.

Landmark markers are either red or blue depending on which faction controls it.

Click on the treasure map marker, view the quest list, swipe to view the gallery, leave a comment about the landmark or offer your feedback to the administrators if you believe the landmark is unsafe or there is an issues related to the landmark you wish to report.

Feel free to add images whether or not you control the landmark. Browse, view and play quests available in the list.

All quests start at a landmark. Landmarks can have multiple quests. Anyone can create a quest starting at a landmark. Add a quest by clicking the “Add a Quest” button on the bottom of the landmark page.

Landmarks cannot be owned, you must battle for control by clicking on the “Battle” button on the bottom of the landmark page. A landmark is controlled by the user at the top left of the landmark page, their faction color is displayed in their avatar icon.

If you have added a landmark be quick to defend it by clicking the “Defend” button at the bottom of the landmark page.

You can browse a list of landmarks you control under the main menu sub heading landmarks. Note the amount of shields you currently have defending the landmark on the left. Click to view the landmark. You can edit and share the landmark if you control it by clicking on the link in the top right of the landmark page.

Controlling landmarks builds your battle strength and earns you gold every time someone plays a quest at the landmark. Controlling key landmarks is one of the best strategies to becoming a successful pirate. Without territory you will need to be constantly playing quests to earn more gold. The better the landmark, the more valuable as key landmarks attract great quests and great quests attract more players.

Be selective on where you add a landmark, it must be a place of interest, suitable to start a quest, safe and on publicly accessible land. Creating unsafe landmarks could get you banned and the landmark is likely to be removed. Be safe, alert and conscious of where landmarks are located and report them in the feedback tab of the landmark if you see any issues with a landmark accidentally created by yourself or someone else.

Create a landmark by clicking on the right hand map marker on the main navigation tool bar. A display box will appear on the map at your current location, drag the marker and place it as accurately as possible, make sure you are zoomed in for the best results. Tap to confirm. A marker must be at least 200 meters from another landmark. If you want to close of change the marker (before it is created) click on the x at the top of the page. Add a title, description and images and don’t for get to defend it key landmarks are a valuable asset for any self-respecting pirate.

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