Inventory is available from the navigation bar (the skull and crossbones) under the heading “Inventory”. Tap on this and you can swipe through the tabs on the My Inventory page. Each tab will list items you own relevant to the title. For example:

  • Attack: Will list your bombs and attack weapons.
  • Defense: Shields and Armor.
  • Mini game power up: These are power cards you can use to enhance game play. Such as instance skip, extra time etc..
  • Quest power up: These are power up cards you can use for quests such as extra treasure, keys etc.
  • Ships: These display your fleet an important thing for any self-respecting captain to know.

Tap on any icon to see how many you have and other details.

The treasure shop is located at the top of the page see the “+” sign. Here you can buy gold coins to fast track your pirate career. If you’re too busy to play the quests then this is the easy way to stock up on gold coins. Your current balance is shown beside this + icon.

The Sutlers Store link is located at the bottom of the page. Tap here to go to the Sutlers Store. You can also access this from its own heading on the navigation bar panel. Here you can buy all the weapons, armorer, power up cards and ships you’ll need to see your campaign through. Simply tap on the + sign beside any items you need (keep tapping for more items) and tap “Purchase at the bottom”. These are all paid for by gold coins earned or purchased in the game.

At the top of the page you will find a + to the treasure shop as well as a ledger showing you every transaction in the game.

Treasure is accessed from the navigation bar panel under the heading Treasure. On the My Treasure page you will find a link to the Treasure Shop and your current gold coin balance at the top of the page and artifacts, modern weapons and armor from each faction below. Scroll down to view the various sets and swipe to see both factions lists.  Secure your faction first and then the opposing factions. Securing these may add to your battle strength and will become useful as you level up in the game. You can hold more than one treasure item.

Worlds largest treasure hunt
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