Treasure map is a mobile app downloadable from the Apple store or Google play. It is a location based treasure hunt where users can create, promote and play a treasure hunt in a park or across a city. It is free to play and suitable for ages 12 plus.


Using your mobile phone go to the  treasuremap.com site. Tap on download and using one of the two download buttons (Apple or Google) install the app on your phone, or search for treasure map in the Apple Store or Google Play.


The 2019 world’s largest treasure hunt is being held in Australia in August 2019. Clubs and groups will be creating great quests / treasure hunts at a park or city near you. Download the app, do your pirate training by completing the mission available and get ready to be the best on the day. Participating quests can be found under the Feature Quest menu. It is free to play and register as a club however clubs are free to ask for donations to support their efforts. Treasure map will offer great prizes for individuals, teams / crew and clubs. Its going to be a lot of fun contact your local sports club or download the app for more details.


Treasure map is a location based game. Use the map to find and play great quests / treasure hunts located at  key landmarks around you. If there are no landmarks add some, if there are no quests create one. You win gold and treasure when you play a quest, you earn more gold by controlling a landmark and you earn even more gold by owning a quest. Battle and defend your landmarks / territory, create and manage great quests, build a crew and be the pirate you always wanted to be.


Treasure map is currently available in Australia. Other regions are coming soon.


Treasure map is free to play. As long as you are actively completing quests, winning landmark battles and participating you should be earning sufficient gold coins to continue unimpeded. However if you are growing your territory through battle and using the service to promote your quest you may require additional gold reserves that you will have to purchase in app.



There are thousands of key landmarks on treasure map with many more being added by enthusiasts, clubs and groups everyday. If there are no landmarks in your area feel free to add one. Make sure it is a key landmark suitable to start a quest, save away from roads and hazards and on public property. Preferably a landmark of substance as the better the landmark, the more people will be attracted to it to play a quest. You earn gold every time someone plays a quest at a landmark you control.

  • Add a landmark by taping the map marker with the + sign on the main map navigation bar. Carefully position the marker on the landmark and tap to confirm. Note a landmark has to be 200 meters (656 feet) away from another landmark. So choose your landmarks carefully. Add the name, type of location, details and images of the landmark and tap submit. You can edit this later if you make a mistake however you cannot edit its position so be sure to get this right.
  • Defend a landmark by tapping “Defend” on the bottom of the landmark page.  Place shields on the icons and tap upgrade. The larger the shield the better the defense. Buy shields in the shop or tap on your shield in your inventory window.
  • Battle for a landmark by tapping “Battle” on the bottom of the landmark page. Place bombs on the icons and top explode. The larger the bomb the more destruction. Buy bombs in the shop or tap on your bomb in your inventory window.


Find a landmark in the area you wish to start your quest. tap on the landmark map marker. On the quest tab select the quest you wish to play. Note the maximum reward points, distance, waypoints, ratting and number of times the quest has been played will be displayed. Tap on start to display the quest details, if you are close enough the start button at the bottom of the summary page will be highlighted. If not it will display how many meters you need to travel to the start. You can add power cards to enhance the game play by dragging them to the icon space. You can buy additional power cards in the shop or tap on the individual card. Once close enough tap start, you may need to calibrate your compass in a figure 8. Read and tap OK on the banner, first we suggest you look around for keys and gold by tapping on the spyglass. Once you are ready tap on the game play icon and complete the first challenge to get direct to the next waypoint. Continue until completed and you find the treasure.


Find a landmark in the area you wish to start your quest All quests start at a landmark. If there is not a landmark where you want to start your quest add one. Tap on “Add a quest” on the bottom of the landmark page. Your first waypoint is added (the landmark), go to your next waypoint and tap the large plus sign “+” position the marker carefully. Waypoints need to be a minimum of 50 meters (164 feet) apart and can’t be changed once you submit your quest. Go to the next waypoint and repeat until complete, tap next at the bottom of the screen, add a title, description , images and a video if you like and save. Share your video across your social media channels and add the quest to the featured quest list to promote it.

  • Custom challenges a great quest consists of a great location combined with great challenges. For this we allow you to create your own custom challenges. Currently we offer an anagram where you can add a key word and the player has to guess it using the clues and a multiple choice question (one of 3 answers). If you have staff manning the quest you can incorporate a physical challenge such as kick a goal (if a park), learn a dance step, wink at a pirate, or anything you can think of really. Once the player completes the challenge the staff can pass the player the code word / anagram to progress. Both anagrams and multiple choice questions are suitable for 24 hour quests (unmanned) as well particularly if they are made to be location specific i.e. when was the monument erected. Use your imagination, mix custom and default challenges up to keep it interesting.
  • Why create a great quest firstly you earn gold coins every time someone plays your quest.  It is also a great way to showcase a location and attract a crowd. In addition it will help you build battle strength and grow your crew. Every self respecting pirate needs a hartey crrw.


Yes every self respecting pirate needs a crew. To build yours tap crew in the main menu, tap “Build your crew” at the bottom of the page. Enter an email address or tap the contacts icon on the right and select your contact. If you know your friends crew code you can add their crew code instead tap “send invitation” below the list. At the bottom of the page you can also share your crew code with friends across your chosen social media channel. Send out the alert and recruit as many crew as you can. You earn gold coins every time you get a new crew member.


In the main menu you will find see an Inventory icon. Tap this to view your inventory. Note you can swipe the screen to see the various categories. To buy inventory tap the store icon. In the sutlers store you can select and buy shields, bombs, game and quest power up cards as well as ships. Simply swipe the screen to view and tap the + sign to add or remove. tap purchase at the bottom of the scree to complete. Pay for your inventory using gold coins. Your coin balance is displayed at the top of the page, as long as you have sufficient coins they will be added. If you are a little short on coins, tap the + sign at the top of the page to buy more coins. You can view all transactions by tapping on the ledger icon at the top of the page.


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