Explore the world around you and find real treasure.

Treasure map is a series of real world treasure hunts or scavenger hunts all around Australia. Created by local enthusiasts, clubs, and businesses to showcase an area and provide you with an exciting way to experience a park, city or region. Use your mobile phone to find real world treasure and explore the world around you.

Explore the hidden secrets of a city, (historic sites, landmarks and local eateries), have fun and find treasure.

Hundreds of quests (scavenger hunts) are available, browse the map for a landmark near you, click to select a quest, review the images, video and comments from others and find a quest that’s right for you. Quests can very in time but most should be between 15 minutes – 2 hours.

You can expect to be challenged, entertained, informed and rewarded. Play alone but its always better with friends. Meet other pirates along the trail, but be warned it is a fragile truce between opposing faction so be prepared to do battle.

Build a crew, battle for territory and compete to reach the top of the leader board. The pirate with the most treasure wins.

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