Crew is one of the most important factors in building battle strength. As your crew increases so does your ability to buy ships and eventually fleets. Ultimately you want to be the pirate with the largest fleet giving you the greatest battle strength which gives you an advantage in battle as well as put you in good stead for future game levels.

To build a crew you have two options. Firstly send out invitations by going to the navigation bar (the skull and cross bones) and tap on “Crew”, tap on “Build Your Crew” at the bottom of the page and entire an email address or tap the icon to the right to access your phone contacts. Select a contact, scroll down to “Send Invitation” and tap. Note sometimes the phone adds a space at the end of a contact email address be sure to remove all spaces if you get an error message. You can also add a friend’s crew code if you know it and this will send them an invite via the message system.

Sharing your crew code is also a great way to build your crew. At the bottom of the build your crew page you will find your crew code. Simply tap on “Share My Crew Code” and share with friends on the social media channels available.

There are a number of sharing options as well which can peak your friends interest and help you recruit more crew. Build your crew, build your fleet and be the pirate we know you can be. Good luck captain.

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