Create your quest for fun, or to showcase a location.

Treasure map is a collection of quests created by enthusiasts, clubs or businesses. Quests are created for fun, adventure, to showcase a location (or region), to raise funds for a cause or to attract a crowd to an event or location.

Quests all start at a landmark Hidden Trasuredisplayed on the treasure map. If there are no suitable landmark you can add one. A quest can have one or more waypoints (locations). The more waypoints the longer the quest and the greater the treasure.

When a waypoint is added the app will add a challenge to it.  You can enhance this by adding custom (physical) challenges and / or location specific quizzes. The final waypoint you add will have the treasure, this can be enhanced by adding custom treasure as well as by the user finding additional keys and gold coins along the trail.

When you create a quest it is yours, create one for your friends and family to play, to showcase a location or to attract a crowd. Your quest remains open for others to play, create a video to promote it and see the popularity grow while you earn gold coins.

Quests can range from a 20 minute quest in a park (created in 10 – 15 minutes) to a 2 – 3 hour quest across a city (created in 4 hours or more depending on how creative you wish to be). Each time someone plays your quest you receive gold coins from the app. These coins allow you to make in-app purchases and further promote your quest.

Remember the better the quest and landmark the more players you will attract. Make sure all quest and landmark locations are suitable, safe and not on private property. Quests and landmarks deemed unsuitable will be removed.

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