Battles are a key element to being a successful pirate. No self-respecting pirate would not want to control at least some territory. To battle for a landmark, find a landmark marker on the treasure map. Tap to open the page, at the bottom right of the page you will find a button. If you already control the landmark it will say “Defend” if you do not control it, it will say “Battle”. Tap on the battle button, note you will need to be within 1 klm (approx. 1/2 mile) to do battle. You can however defend it from anywhere.

To battle you will need bombs if you don’t have any click on the shopping cart to buy, the higher you game level the larger the bombs you can buy. If you already have bombs but simply need more just tap on the bomb and a buy icon will pop up.  The bigger the bomb the greater the affect on the defense shields defending the landmark. To pay for bombs you need gold coins, you earn these coins by completing quests, controlling key landmarks and by owning popular quests.

Once you have your bombs drag them onto the shields, you can place them strategically i.e. if you only have one bomb left you can place a powerful one between two shields in an attempt to take out both. Note you are only allowed 4 bombs per round if you are battling the same faction and 5 if you are battling the opposing faction. This is displayed at the top of the battle screen. So if you can’t drag any more bombs onto the screen this is likely why. Also check the amount icon on the bombs as bombs will still appear in your cart with a 0, showing that there are none available. This is to make it easier to reload. Just tap to open mini cart and keep taping to add.

Click explode and see the results, you have 3 rounds to attempt to secure the landmark. You can buy more bombs at any time assuming you have sufficient gold coins.

Defending a landmark is crucial as once a battle has commenced you are locked out for 45 minutes. So you need to have sufficient defenses in place prior to battle to deter would-be threats. You can defend a landmark from any location. To see a list of the landmarks you control go to the main menu bar and tap on the landmarks sub-menu. Tap a landmark to defend or view. Keep a close eye on your messages and alerts as this will let you know when you get attacked.

You will earn gold coins every time someone plays a quest at your landmark, regardless if you own the quest or not so it is important to control key landmarks to maintain your pirate lifestyle.

Battle strength is grown through a number of ways, building a strong crew and owning a ship or a fleet of ships is the best way, also owning popular quests, controlling landmarks, leveling up through playing quests and of course being on top of the leader board. Missions will guide you through your journey. The path is long and treacherous my friend but the rewards are abundant. Be fearless, be free and remember the pirate with the most treasure wins.

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