Three hundred years have passed us by but treasure is timeless for you and I.

Arr so its adventure you seek me hearty one, well adventure we do, especially for you.

This is a story of a ruthless crew said to sink Treasure mapa royal fleet or two. But fear ye not these men and codgers who flew under the Jolly Rodgers for they fought the good fight against an army with all its might.

They fought for you they fought for me they are the legends of the sea and its not just a romantic notion, these hidden treasures from the ocean. For 300 years their secret remained untold, waiting for a new generation both clever and bold.

 You are this generation, with your new technology and automation. This fortune is there for all to see on the land and across the sea. Let this treasure map be your guide, though you will need great courage and stride.

 I bestow in you, one of the chosen few, a pirates might to win this fight. Build a united crew, more than just a friend or two. There will be risk there will be ruin but you have to admit its really worth doing.

Use this treasure map to find key landmarks. At each of these landmarks you will find a quest, the longer the quest the greater the treasure. Use your spyglass along the trail to find additional keys and coins, use your compass to guide you and win the challenges to find the treasure.

 Meet other pirates along your way, but be warned it is a fragile truce between opposing factions so be prepared to do battle.

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