Welcome to a new age of digital piracy!

Not all pirates were bad. In the late 17th century a powerful foreign cartel gained control over the Empire. Many in the Royal fleet once loyal servants of the Crown were forced to become pirates and fight against these dark, shadow forces spreading their influence across the globe.

They went from protectors of the Empire and her territories to pirates and raiders of commissioned vessels bringing gold and silver to the colonies to buy power and influence.

One of these renegade pirates was Peter Easton. Easton the Commander of the Blue Fleet is now known to be the most successful pirate of all time, amassing a fortune in stolen treasure. Stockpiling it, he waited for the chance to turn the tables and regain the Sovereignty of the Empire and her subjects. His time however did not come and this treasure remains hidden today.

Another such pirate over 100 years later was Madame Cheng who controlled over 100 ships and junkets to become one of the most feared and successful pirates of her time. Again Madame Cheng and her crew amassed a fortune in treasure that was never recovered. She and her crew were known as the Red Fleet as they hailed from Asia.

Little is known about these two seemingly unrelated pirate fleets and the whereabouts of these hidden fortunes. But this is all about to change. The secrets of how these two powerful leaders who lived in different centuries conspired together to fight a common enemy has been passed on from generation to generation until now.

Learn these secrets and support your faction in this fight for Sovereignty.

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